klippert medical equipment
klippert medical equipment

Bottle Holder

Holdes intravenous drip bottles 100 - 1000 ml.

With hook approx. 18 mm inside width.


Height approx. 365 mm.


Quality: stainless steel wire, electrolytically pooshed.


Ref.-No. 2577-01-13.


Prices on request.


For hooking suction bottles to the hospital-bed.


Width of suspension bracket: 60 mm.


Quality: wire, polyethylene white.






Inside dia. 100 mm, basket height 100 mm, total height 330 mm, Ref.-No. 795-01-11.

Inside dia. 140 mm, basket height 130 mm, total height 330 mm, Ref.-No. 5090-02-11.

Inside dia. 195 mm, basket height 200 mm, total height 430 mm, Ref.-No. 5090-03-11.

Prices on request

Bottle Basket

Bottle storage basket


for storing 3 beverage bottles in bedside cabinets.


With 2 fastening lugs.


Size of compartments: approx. 95 x 119 mm inside.


Overall size: approx. 315 x 125 x 105 mm high.


Quality: stainless steel wire, electrolytically polished, Ref.-No. 190-01-13.

Quality: wire polyamide white, Ref.-No. 190-01-15.

Prices on request.

Bottle basket


for one 1000 ml bottle to hang on the hospital-bed.

Spot-welded wire-mesh 14 x 14 x 1,2 mm.

With PVC tube covering mounting bracktes.


Bracket width: approx. 65 mm inside.

Size: approx. 120 x 120 x 200/300 mm high.


Quality: wire, polyethylene white.


Ref.-No. 5132-01-11.
Price on request.



klippert medical equipment

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