klippert medical equipment
klippert medical equipment

Collecting Baskets



For used items.

Longitudinal sides are conical towards the bottom.


Mesh width: approx. 140 x 25 mm.

Size: approx. 310 x 190 x 325 mm high.



Quality: wire, polyethylene white, Ref.-No. 9220-01-11.

Quality: stainless steel wire, electronically polished, Ref.-No. 9220-01-13. 


Prices on request.


For used items.

Wide-mesh model with conical shape, therefore stackable.


Size approx.:

top 350 x 250 mm,

bottom 320 x 220 mm,

height 450 mm.


Quality: wire, polyethylene white.

Ref.-No. 9224-01-11. 


Prices on request.


Without sharp edges, ideal for sterilizing.


Mesh width:

sides approx. 25 x 40 mm,

bottom approx. 25 x 25 mm.

Size: approx. 350 x 245 x 500 mm.

Quality: stainless steel wire, electrolytically polished.


Ref.-No. 2055-01-13. 


Prices on request.


klippert medical equipment

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