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IPPB Device Aerolife 2


This pessure inhalator can be used to treat Pulmonary Emphysema, Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Respiratory pressure, flow speed, start threshold atomisation and expiratory resistance can be adjusted exactly and individually as needed.


Technical data


Control principle   assisted pressure-controlled respiration
Inspiration pressure   continuous 5 - 35 mbar
Inspirations flow   20 - 60 l/min
Started threshold   continuous from 0.5 -5
Expiratory resistance    continuous adjustable
Atomisation   continuous adjustable
Power supply   230 V / 65 W
Power consumption   0.55 A / 65 W
Dimensions (w x h x d)   23 x 16 x 25 cm
Weight   5.1 kg



The Aerolife 2 comes together with a carrier bag and a disposable hose-system.

Please contact us for price information.


English front cover available at no extra cost.


Additional equipment and spare parts:

  • Carrier bag,
  • sterilizable humidifier,
  • bacteria filter,
  • holder for IPPB system,
  • disposable hose system,
  • mouthpiece for hose system,
  • oxygenconnector,
  • adaptor 12 V / 23V 50 Mhz (voltageconverter).


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